They were in shock- in absolute shock- over what was taking place.

Each one had been putting up a good fight for the last month or so. Not being intimidated by comments like, “Just shut up and play your harp!” (Yea, they still hear that one a lot. You’d think the other guys would find some different derogatory comments. It’s too bad they can’t transfer their evil creativity to, at least, update their insults.)

Though the overall agenda was the same: walk in the light, make good choices, be selfless, love others, offer grace, etc…etc; each had its own particular plan- they were dealing with different people, of course. People they had been with since birth.

And they really did have the upper hand here- all they had to do was play the consequence card. For both of them- it worked over and over again. Their charges were held at bay. And it was no matter how the other guys complained- they do that all the time anyway.

And so when their charges rushed in- they couldn’t believe what they were hearing and seeing. They could barely register the snickers of success emanating from the other shoulders. They feared to follow. They couldn’t figure out how fast the circumstances had gotten out of control.

These silent and astonished angels thought the same thing at the same time: FOOLS!