I went shopping with my mom today. We tackled the consignment shop arena; one in Chapel Hill and the other in Hillsborough. One of the first things I do when I go shopping is check the shoes. I have such a hard time finding shoes that fit, that are comfortable, that look good. It really is the bane of my shopping existence- the shoe thing. But I always look there first, in case….I am a hopeless optimistic.

No luck in Chapel Hill.

Everything was too small, too narrow; or surprisingly enough, too big.

Same story for the selection in Hillsborough- or so I thought.

After checking the shoes on the sales floor, I rummaged through the racks to find the amazing new additions to my closet that were just waiting for me to find them. And I found a few things that I will be rocking here and there- (have I mentioned that I LOVE consignment shops?)

And then, I found it. The pile of overstock shoes. Tons of shoes that can’t fit out on the shelves on the sales floor. Shoes in all sizes. Shoes even in my side.

And what are those?
(Those are freakin’ sexy awesome Latina shoes- IN MY SIZE!!)

Are they going to fit…nah, they will probably be too narrow.
(WOW! My foot just slipped in- no problem!)

Is the left shoe going to fit- probably not (left foot is slightly bigger due to ankle surgery).
(OMG!!! The left shoe fits well too!)

Can I walk?
(oh, yea! I don’t just walk…I sashay.)

I told my mom: “I feel like I’ve picked up the sexy-shoe mantel from all the Hispanic women who’ve come before me. Like I am fulfilling my sexy-walk destiny.”

We shared a giggle-

Because it is true (especially for someone like me who lives in flip-flops and Crocs).

As long as I’m not stumbling around like a drunkard, I will be making my heritage of Latina women proud; as long as I don’t trip, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the sway of my hips.