–verb (used with object), -duced, -duc?ing.

1. to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; corrupt.

2. to persuade or induce to have sexual intercourse.

3. to lead or draw away, as from principles, faith, or allegiance

4. to win over; attract; entice


The poor little guy didn’t stand a chance; and I forgot to think about my effect.

I was thrilled to be at the Olive Garden this afternoon with my gal-pals. I was totally being just me, hanging with the girls, preparing to eat well. I didn’t think about how overwhelming I can be when I am purely happy: both disarming and alluring at the same time. It’s the smile, the light in my eyes; the smoothness in my voice. I don’t (often) do it intentionally; it happens naturally when I am happy, when I am the most comfortable to be me. My girls can handle it, they know what I am all about- they acknowledge my power more often than I myself am willing to acknowledge it.

He was mesmerized, this little kid who was our waiter; absolutely unable to keep his eyes off me. He even dared to wink at me at one point in a high-schooler-want-to-be-Casanova kind of way (surely this kid was NOT in college). I had to reign in the happy, the Jenny. I had to be careful when he came to the table: avoid eye contact. Put up the wall that protects the unsuspecting innocents from the torrent of my being. Be polite and kind, but not me.

Poor kid! I hope he didn’t take it personally.