Note: This post is intended for mature readers regardless of age.

It was the next morning.
We had indulged in friendly – hot and steamy – sexual relations the night before.

And for your information…

I really didn’t see that coming,
(allow me to indulge in the delight of the pun) –
but sex with this man has taken me to many unexpected places, so I’ve learned that I just need to roll – or get out of the bed.

That night, I chose his bed. And instead of staying completely on my side turned away, I turned towards him to allow for the opportunity – of whatever. And his kiss led to whispers of dark deeds – and then those dark deeds were done. Well, most of them – as many as there was energy for. He wears me out with all that in-and-out, back-and-forth, legs up-and-down-and-all-around kind of activity.

Anyway…it was the next morning:

We were back to being friends, sharing platonic space in the dining room area. I was at the table on my laptop working on creating content for my professional platforms. He was on the desktop at the corner “office” area playing Solitaire – and having a tough go at it, if his grumbling was any clue.

He muttered to himself: “Damn. I’m just not having any luck this morning.”

I giggled. And thought to myself: that’s because you used it up last night, Honey. All the way. It takes luck a little more time to store up after being spent completely.

He gave me a look. Apparently, he didn’t appreciate my giggle. He thought I was being facetious. I was actually being complimentary.

I didn’t bother to correct him.