Oh, you are such a flirt. I wouldn’t have pegged that in the beginning…or in the middle for that matter. It took getting all the way here, to the end and after it, to realize that you are a natural born playa.

I am not too upset, because it was nice (very nice) to be played by you. You were so gentle and sincere…almost like you were coming-to with me. As if you’ve been under, and just needed to wake up. I was more than happy to help.

And now that you are up and ready to go, I’m sad that I’m not your choice anymore. I would have enjoyed sowing wild oats with you, instead of watching from the cheering section.

Let me also say, I appreciate your periodic attention; thanks for throwing me a bone from time to time. It’s kinda like an award certificate I get to post up and read, “In appreciation for your dedicated service…”

So, feel free to flirt with me all you like. I’ll protect my heart and remind it that there’s no chance. I can’t get enough of the “look” in your eyes when your attention’s on me. And honestly, my heart loves the associated flip-flop, so it’ll be brave and act tough.