Last night, I had a little much. Is there such a thing as a “little” much- maybe, I should just be honest, it was much. And it was good. So, last night, I had much good. And somehow, I kept it mostly together. It was definitely not all together- but mostly. No one turned me in, so I figure that means it was a successful night.

I was the last abed.

Everyone else turned in- and me? I was nervous that my legs wouldn’t carry me towards the tent; in fact, I was worried that they would never really work again. I figured that I was enjoying a successful run of sitting in my borrowed lawn chair and watching the fire turn to embers- why try something new?

And so, I sat; and watched the world around me turn monochromatic (except for the red embers). There were all sorts of shades of gray- and I thought, “isn’t that so much like life?” I sat and listed to the wind pick up and shake the tree limbs and rustle the leaves; and I thought: “This is truly the most amazing melody I’ve heard in quite sometime.”

And then it happened-

I knew that my legs were going to be just fine. I just needed to prod myself from the chair to the tent. But I stayed a little longer, and might have fallen asleep too- why not? How many times do I get to enjoy such a delicious moment of solitude in an almost monochromatic world with nature’s nighttime symphony to delight my ears?